Charles & Brenda McManus ——————————— W2
New members class - All ages


Lord and Schaeffer ——————————————— P6
18-22 years old (College Singles)

Stephen & Toni Kinney ————————————— W3
23 years and older (Career Singles)


Mary Chain —————————————————— W5
All ages

Karen Webb ————————————————— B106
All ages

Theresa Huffman ——————————————— B113
All ages

Melony Puz —————————————————— B108
All ages

Angie Green ————————————————— W-1
All ages


Robert Lowery ———————————————— P1
35-55 years old

Kenneth Rodrick ——————————————— B109
All ages

Ernie Hanks ————————————————— B103
All ages


Pastor’s ———————————————————— B104
Mixed adults open to all ages

Jared Poole —————————————————— NORTH LANDING
Young married couples & mixed adults

Elmo Camp —————————————————— LANDING
Young married couples & mixed adults

Cliff Horn ——————————————————— R6
Married & mixed adults

Jon Burr ———————————————————— B114
Couples 30-45 years old

David Matthews ———————————————— SOUTH LANDING
Couples 30-45 years old

Tracy Elam —————————————————— P10
Mixed adults all ages

Fred Skinner ————————————————— CHOIR SUITE
Middle aged, married couples

Gerry Stratmann ———————————————— B102
Mixed, middle ages adults

Randy Stockwell & Roger Hiebert ———————— P-10
Couples 44-59 years old

Derrell Young ————————————————— B107
Couples 50 years old & older

Ed Boyett ——————————————————— B110
Mixed, senior adults