If you were signed up through eGiving, please read below about eGiving and how to make the move to PushPay.  If you are new to online giving at ORBC, please click the GIVE NOW button below to get started:


We have recently switched our online giving provider from, “eGiving” to “PushPay.” This change is necessary as we continue to move forward with our technology and web presence.  

Below are links explaining how to cancel your current giving from eGiving and then setup your PushPay Account.

We will begin the process of shutting eGiving down completely in the near future so it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT you make these changes as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are thankful for you continued obedience, faithfulness, and generosity to our church.

To Cancel Your eGiving click this Link Below:

Click here to change all recurring online eGiving transactions or to make changes to your account profile:

Here are steps to Set up Your PushPay Giving Account in The Link Below:

*Questions?  Call the church office at 281-576-6030 and ask for Diana, our Financial Secretary. Thanks!