In Acts 1:8, Jesus informs His followers of their importance to His Kingdom. He tells them that they will be His witnesses. His followers are to be the living testimony of God’s grace and forgiveness through Jesus Christ to all nations. We, as followers of Jesus, are to continue on this task. Old River Baptist Church has a long history of supporting missions efforts here and abroad. From assisting churches and providing assistance during natural disasters to community involvement and foreign missions, Old River Baptist has a heart for missions.

Our church has made strategic decisions and have adopted Guatemala and Alaska as focus areas for our teams.

We are connected to Guatemala through Compassion International. Our church family sponsors over 100 children from Guatemala and we take missions trips every year.

These efforts, along with the partnership of the Southern Baptist Convention, help us make the most powerful impact in the world for the name of Jesus Christ. We take part in weekly contributions to the Trinity River Baptist Association, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.

We are the witness of His love to all, let’s shine more brightly than ever before!